Gear Shaping Cutter Design

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Posted by Zahnrad Kopf on April 09, 2019 at 13:08:31:

We need a Gear Shaping cutter and it is a custom cutter. So far, every normal outlet is unable to satisfy the required date, regardless of expedite fees. We're being told 16 weeks by most places, and that simply won't work for the customer. So I got to thinking...

I've been making custom cutters for milling, turning, and even normal shaping for years. So why not a Gear Shaping cutter? For the moment, forget about the mechanics of it. What about the theory of the design and construction? I've searched high and low and have not found much about it. It's seemingly more obscure than the design of Hobbing cutters. Yet, there are companies doing so...

So where is this trove of knowledge being stored? I've tried the usual suspects and combed through the countless books and whitepapers that I've accumulated over the years. Dudley treats it better than most ( no surprise there ), but is still largely sparse and leaves the potential student wanting. On the surface, it's little more than the opposite gear, in conjugate motion, reciprocating with sharpened edges... But there HAS to be more. Clearances and considerations that I'm simply completely ignorant of.

So where is it? Where are the guidelines and equations? Where are the dos and don'ts? Thanks.

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