Re: Helical Gear Problem

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Posted by Michael Ignat on February 10, 2006 at 02:46:59:

In Reply to: Helical Gear Problem posted by Stuart on February 01, 2006 at 16:27:34:

Suggestion ('sorry for dimensions in inches):
Number of teeth: pinion=22 gear=65
Basic rack:
Normal module: 7mm
Normal pressure angle: 20
Normal addendum coef.: pinion=0.89 gear=0.90
(from reference line of basic rack)
Normal dedendum coef.: pinion=1.25 gear=1.25
Whole depth (approx): pinion=0.5898"gear=0.5925"
Helix angle: 13.7291 (1343'45")
Hand of cut: per sample
Lead: pinion=80.2567" gear=237.1221"
Normal profile shift coef:
pinion=0.5 gear=0.4999988
correction on dia:
pinion=0.27559" gear=0.27559"
backlash per each part, on span:
pinion=0.007-0.010" gear=0.007-0.010"
Outside dia:
pinion=7.008"+0/-0.015" gear=19.212"+0/-0.015"
Rolling (operating) dia:
pinion=6.371617" gear=18.825233"
Pitch dia: pinion=6.2413" gear=18.4402"
Form dia: pinion=6.049" gear=18.323"
Root dia: pinion=5.828" gear=18.027"
Base dia: pinion=5.844548" gear=17.267985"
Base helix angle=12.8863986 (1253'11")
Normal circ. tooth thickness:
pinion -basic (nominal)=0.5332"
cut to: 0.52575-0.52256"
gear -basic(nominal)=0.5332"
cut to: 0.52575-0.52256"
Span: pinion -nominal=3.0340"/ 4 teeth
cut to: 3.0270-3.0240"
gear: nominal=7.2822"/ 9 teeth
cut to: 7.2752-7.2722"
Center dist. in the housing: 320mm=12.5984"

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